What Happens During a Physical Exam at the Vet?

Veterinarian Detects An Abnormality

A healthy pet is a regularly examined pet. Even if your cat or dog appears well, having him undergo periodic animal exams is crucial to ensure his continued good health. Many injuries and illnesses can be difficult for a pet owner to detect. However, a veterinarian in San Jose can more easily notice the warning signs that your pet might be hurt or sick. At the pet hospital, you can expect these vet practices:

Internal Evaluation

Veterinarians are trained to discern when a pet might be experiencing an internal problem. During your pet’s examination, your vet may gently feel his abdominal region to check for enlarged organs or masses under the skin. He might also see if your pet expresses any discomfort when certain areas are under observation. If your veterinarian detects an abnormality, he might order an x-ray to get visual confirmation of a problem. An animal hospital is typically equipped to carry out these types of diagnostic tests.

Animal Vaccinations

Animal exams present the ideal opportunity to update your cat or dog on his pet vaccinations. Just like human immunizations, pet vaccines often require booster shots to keep your pet’s immune system protected against common diseases. If you are taking your cat or dog to a new veterinarian, he may ask that you bring your pet’s previous vet records so that he can know how up-to-date your animal is on his immunizations.

External Analysis Pet Exam Cupertino

Throughout your pet’s examination, your veterinarian should be checking him for any visible signs of illness or injury. The health of your pet’s eyes, teeth, skin, and fur can usually be determined with a visual inspection of these body parts. Especially if your pet is prone to allergies, diet deficiencies, or fleabites, his fur and skin may indicate signs of them. Your vet might also have your pet walk around the examination room to see if he favors a leg or have any other evident mobility issue. With a thorough examination, your veterinarian can ensure that any health issues are addressed as soon as possible.