What to Expect After Your Dog Gets Vaccinated

Dog Vaccination in DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

Pet vaccines near Cupertino are a highly recommended part of every dog’s healthcare regimen. Pet vaccinations Dog Vaccination Cupertino can not only protect your dog from coming down with potentially life-threatening diseases, but also prevent the transmission of illnesses to other animals. If you are a new pet owner, though, you may notice some mild side effects from your pet’s puppy shots or dog vaccinations. For instance, nasal vaccinations can sometimes cause temporary congestion in dogs. As a result, your pet might experience nasal drip or sneeze more frequently than he normally would. Vaccinations given through the skin may also prompt irritation where the immunization was introduced to it. Your dog might also be less interested in his meals or playtime. However, these changes should alleviate in approximately 24 hours. If you have any concerns about your dog’s response to his pet vaccines, contact your pet hospital.