Taking Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

Brush Your Dog'S Teeth

A lot of dog owners overlook their canine’s teeth, which could lead to significant health issues. Use the following tips to improve your dog dental care in San Jose and ensure that your dog has a mouth full of healthy teeth throughout his life:

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Canines are just as susceptible to periodontal disease as humans are, which is why it is important to clean your animal’s teeth and remove plaque and bacteria before they can cause a problem. You should invest in a canine tooth-brushing kit that makes it easy to clean off your dog’s teeth before any issues develop. Talk to your vet about the best kind of dog toothbrush and toothpaste to use to ensure optimal oral health.

Feed Your Dog the Right Kind of Food

Certain foods might hinder your plans to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. There are dry foods that actually hinder plaque and tartar formation. You should not feed your dog table scraps that might cause oral health issues . Talk to your vet about the best kind of food to feed your canine to keep him happy and healthy. There are also special treats that clean your dog’s teeth and massage his gums as he chews on them. Dog Dental Care San Jose

Visit Your Vet Regularly

Your veterinary clinic is an important resource when it comes to taking care of your dog’s teeth. If you bring the animal in for regular vet checkups, the doctor can examine the teeth and gums to make sure everything looks good and healthy. Ask for a schedule during your next vet visit so you know how often you should visit.

Know the Signs of Oral Health Issues

Pay attention to your dog’s mouth so you can spot any issues early. If you notice any bad breath, excessive drooling, infected gums, or loose teeth, it might be a sign of an oral health issue. If you do notice anything unusual in the dog’s mouth, you should bring him in to the vet for an oral health exam.