Why Pet Wellness Exams Are Important

Examining Health of Your Pet at DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

How often do you and your pet visit your San Jose veterinarian ? You might think you only need to visit the vet when your pet is sick, but this is not true! Regular pet wellness exams are essential for making sure your pet is in good health and you are providing the right care. Scheduling regular pet wellness exams can help with:

Detecting Problems Early

One of the most important reasons to visit the vet is being able to detect any health problems as early as possible. Pet wellness exams are similar to physicals for humans: they follow a list of checkup guidelines to check for common problems before they may be noticeable to pets and their owners. Visiting the vet regularly will make it easier to spot health problems early, allowing for faster and potentially more effective treatment.

Evaluating Diet and Exercise

Your veterinarian will also be able to evaluate your pet’s diet and exercise habits during wellness exams. Pets’ needs change as they get older, which means the type and amount of food you gave your pet when she was Pet Wellness San Jose younger might not be the best option for her now. This is also true for your pet’s fitness needs. Wellness exams give your veterinarian an opportunity to suggest diet and exercise changes that can benefit your pet.

Answering Your Questions

You can always do internet research to find insight into questions you have regarding your pet’s health—but this information can only take you so far! Pet wellness exams provide a wonderful opportunity to ask the vet whatever questions you have regarding your pet’s health. This will let you become the best pet owner possible.

Socializing Your Pet

Regular trips to the pet hospital can also help socialize your pet! Letting your pet spend time with other people and other animals can teach your pet how to act properly. Regular pet wellness exams will give your pet more time around other pets and other people.