Flea and Tick Control Tips for Cats and Dogs

Fleas And Ticks Cause Great Discomfort For Pets

If you’ve noticed that your cat or dog has ticks or flea bites in San Jose , you should take it to the veterinarian immediately. Fleas and ticks cause great discomfort for pets, and they can also transmit illnesses and diseases. Your veterinarian can help you eradicate ticks and fleas from your pet, and can offer you tips on flea and tick prevention. Here are some tips you can use to protect your pets and yourself.

Groom Your Pet Regularly

Regularly grooming your pet will help you notice the common symptoms of flea or tick infestations. If there is a severe flea infestation, you will be able to easily spot the fleas hopping around on your pet’s skin while you groom. Ticks are larger and easier to spot, as they tend to latch onto the skin and not move while they feed. As you groom your pet, check his armpits and groin. These two areas are common hideouts for fleas and ticks. Also check for common symptoms, including flea bites, red, bumpy patches of skin, areas of hair loss, and scabs.

Monitor Your Pet’s Environment

Even if you don’t have fleas or ticks in your home or yard, your pet can get them elsewhere and bring them home with him. If you have a cat, it should not be allowed outside to protect it from coming into contact with fleas or ticks. If Fleas San Jose you take your dog to places commonly visited by other animals, such as the park, a pet hotel, or on play dates with other dogs, talk to your veterinarian about flea and tick collars that can repel the insects.

Use Safe Flea and Tick Products

Whether your pet has an infestation or you’re trying to prevent one, your veterinarian can recommend some safe flea and tick products that you can use in your home. These may include collars, shampoos, sprays, and powders. These products are pet-specific, and products designed for cats should never be used on dogs, and vice versa.