Essential Training Tips for Your Pooch

Dog Training Is Essential For Both Pets And Their Owners In San Jose

Dog training is essential for both pets and their owners in San Jose. Learning how to properly train your dog will not only enhance the bond between you, it will help ensure your new pet’s safety and health . In fact, teaching your dog to listen to your commands and comply with your wishes can actually be fun for you both! If you are a new dog owner, check out these important training guidelines.

Act Consistently

When it comes to training your dog, vets and dog trainers agree: consistency is key. Make a plan with your family members or roommates before you buy or adopt a pet to make sure you are all on the same page about which behaviors to encourage- and which behaviors to discourage. If your spouse allows your new puppy to sleep in bed or sit on the couch but you prefer to have a dog on the floor at all times, your pet will be confused and have a hard time learning the rules.

Respond Patiently

For many new dog owners who are not used to barking, digging, and jumping, teaching a puppy to stop loud or aggressive behaviors can be frustrating. Remember that these behaviors are completely normal for puppies and always respond calmly. With just a little bit of effort, even older dogs can be perfectly trained!

Feed Healthily

Don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy diet for your pet . Food that is rich in protein may be perfect for a Puppy Training San Jose dog who gets regular strenuous exercise, but that same food could make another pet pack on the pounds. Be sure to ask your veterinarian what kind of high-quality food is best suited to your pet’s breed, size, and lifestyle.

Treat Respectfully

Your dog may be your pet, but she is still an animal first. Giving your dog too much freedom to move through your home before she is properly trained can result in accidents. Avoid destructive chewing and carpet stains by closing off doors to unoccupied or formal areas and using baby gates to section off rooms or stairs as necessary.