Perfecting Your Puppy’s Potty Training [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic On Perfecting Your Puppy’S Potty Training

While getting a puppy is a joyous occasion, most people do not get excited about potty training. Although potty training your puppy requires a lot of time and patience, if you stay consistent with your approach, you will succeed in putting a stop to accidents and getting your pet to eliminate outside. Start by making sure you have the right pet supplies. You will need a crate that your puppy can rest in when he or she can’t be under your constant supervision. You will also need something to clean up after indoor accidents to mask the pheromones. You can learn more about potty training your puppy in this infographic from De Anza Veterinary Clinic . Our veterinarians in San Jose are always available to answer your questions about training your pets. Help others clear this major hurdle when a new puppy joins the family by sharing this information.

Puppy Potty Training San Jose