Tips for Controlling Fleas

Dog Washing Tips by DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

Cat and dog fleas plague many pets near Cupertino with hair loss, itchy patches, and even sores. Fortunately, a veterinarian can help you rid your pets and home of fleas for good .

To eradicate fleas entirely, a vet will begin by supplying your dog or cat with a flea shampoo. After one wash, your veterinarian will create a longer-term plan for treating all your pets. For example, your vet may advise using a spray or powder twice a week or re-shampooing every week or two. To control fleas in the house, you should frequently wash your pet’s bedding and vacuum some flea powder into your vacuum cleaner’s bag. Get rid of fleas in the yard by spraying it once every one to three months, even in the winter. Getting rid of fleas involves spraying continuously, because a new population can develop if you interrupt the regimen. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian for extra tips on how to care for your pet’s uncomfortable symptoms.

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