Tips for Housetraining Your Puppy

Puppy Housetraining Tips by DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

puppy training, house training puppy, san jose puppy training If you have recently purchased or adopted a puppy near San Jose, you have likely already researched your options for housetraining . As you probably know, dog training requires much more than a few stacks of old newspapers. It calls for commitment, consistently, and patience. Remember, every puppy will have accidents in the house as they learn. Read on for tips on how to train your new pet.

Establish a Routine

In general, a puppy can control his bladder for about an hour for each month of age. But it is a good idea to take any new dog outside at least every two hours until a routine has been established. Always take your puppy out immediately after eating or drinking. You should pick a particular spot outside and always go to the same spot. When your dog is eliminating, always use the same phrase. That way, your puppy will eventually walk to the same spot on his own and will go to the bathroom when prompted by your words. You should also make sure to always feed your dog at the same time of day every day and use only veterinarian-recommended food.

Remember to Reward

Rewards are important when it comes to house training. Always praise your puppy or give her a treat—but remember to dole out rewards right after she is finished eliminating. If you wait until she is already back inside the house, she will not realize why she is being treated and will not properly learn the behavior. If you reward her too soon, she may forget to finish. Puppies are easily distracted, so it is essential to stay on point and remember the task at hand.

Supervise when Possible

During the housetraining process, your yard should be treated just like a room in the house. That means that your puppy should have some freedom but only in increments and only after she can be left alone. If you are not actively training your dog, keep her tethered to you or a nearby piece of furniture even when she is in the house. Watch for signs that she needs to use the bathroom, and then immediately grab the leash and take her to the bathroom spot outside.