A Look at Food Allergies in Dogs

Dogs Are Commonly Allergic To Fleas, Pollen, And Dust

A veterinarian is often visited by pet owners near Cupertino who are concerned about pets with allergies . As your vet may have already told you, pets can experience allergy symptoms year round. Just like people, dogs suffer from runny eyes, sneezing and coughing, and skin irritation. While dogs are commonly allergic to fleas, pollen, and dust, food allergies are also prevalent and can be extremely dangerous if untreated. Always visit your veterinarian if your puppy displays allergy symptoms, and continue reading for an overview of common food allergies in dogs. pet allergies in cupertino

Common Signs

Food allergies in dogs involve a wide range of symptoms, which is why it is important to mention any problems to your veterinarian right away. For example, many dogs will itch, bite their paws, and obsessively lick their fur, leading their coats to thin. A puppy may also respond to food allergies with chronic ear inflammation. Other symptoms more closely mimic symptoms of human food allergies, including hives or skin rash. Dogs may also have chronic diarrhea or nausea.

Typical Triggers

Dogs can be allergic to almost any food ingredient. However, there are certain meats and grains that are more likely to trigger an allergic reaction. Common examples of meats include pork, rabbit, beef, chicken, and fish. Other allergies are soy, wheat, corn, dairy, or egg.

Sudden Symptoms

Are you concerned that your dog has suddenly become allergic to a food he has been eating for years? It may seem strange, but dogs can develop allergies overnight to foods they eat almost every day. The only way to truly determine if your dog is allergic to a food is to speak to visit your animal care clinic. A vet can work with you to take your dog off all foods he is currently eating and begin a new and nutritious diet. By process of elimination, you and your veterinarian can determine the exact ingredients that are making your puppy sick.