The Basics of Heartworm Prevention

Preventing Heartworm Infection in Pets

Heartworm disease is a dangerous disease that affects pets all over the world, and can be life threatening if not treated. Luckily, with preventative care from a veterinarian in San Jose , you can reduce your chances of your pet getting heartworm disease. Heartworm disease does not display any symptoms until it is in an advanced stage. Prevention is important to keeping your pets healthy. It is safer and more effective to prevent heartworm than it is to treat it.

Heartworm prevention is made possible with medication. Medications are known as diethylcarbamazine, which is taken daily, and ivermectin, which is given once a month. Both medications work by preventing worms to grow or survive in your dog’s heart. Your vet will likely recommend that puppies begin heartworm prevention medication as early as possible—usually after 2 months of age, and that adult dogs are given the medication once test results indicate that your dog does not have the disease.

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