Using a Crate to Housetrain Your Puppy

Bringing Home A New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting for the whole family. A puppy has lots of energy and will require a lot of training to become a well-trained member of your household. There are many different opinions on how to train a puppy near San Jose . Some of it will be trial and error; what works for one dog may not be right for you. Many people find success in training their pets with crate training. If you are an owner to a new puppy, crate training may be right for you. If you’ve never crate trained a pet before, you may have questions about how it is used for potty training dogs. This article will answer some common questions people have about crate training. Keep reading to learn how crate training can work for you.

crate training san jose What is crate training?

Crate training takes advantage of a dog’s natural instinct to seek shelter in a confined and protected space. When properly introduced to a crate, a dog will come to associate the crate as a safe space. With crate training, the crate becomes the primary sleeping space for a dog. Generally, dogs will not use their sleeping space as a place to relieve themselves, so it is an effective means of housebreaking your dog.

How do I pick a crate?

Crates come in many different sizes and are available in many different materials. A dog’s crate should be big enough for the dog to stand up in and turn around in. For a growing puppy, many people choose to pick a crate that accommodates their adult size. In this case, it will be important to block off excess space so that they do not soil one end and sleep in the other. Another option is renting different sized crates from your veterinarian until your dog reaches its adult size.

What do I do when there is an accident?

It is normal for your puppy to have accidents in the process of becoming housebroken. It is important to immediately clean up the mess. If it becomes a problem, talk to your pet’s veterinarian about underlying medical conditions.