The Easy Way to Housetrain Your Puppy

Housetraining Your Puppy

Consistency is the key to successful dog training in San Jose. If you have no prior experience with potty training dogs , you may wish to turn to your veterinarian for guidance. Your local animal hospital may also offer dog training services to help get your puppy on the right track. Housetrain puppy

Get Your Puppy on a Schedule

Dog training starts with establishing a schedule. As a general rule of thumb, pups can hold their bladder for one hour for each month of age. This means that if your puppy is three months old, you’ll need to take him or her outside at least every three hours. Your puppy will also need a bathroom break immediately upon waking and after eating or drinking. Be sure to feed your puppy at the same times each day. Your vet may recommend picking up your pup’s water bowl about two hours before bedtime to restrict nighttime eliminations.

Designate an Outdoor Potty Area

You should take your puppy to the same place outdoors for elimination each time. At first, put a leash on your puppy and go to the designated potty spot with him or her. Say the same word or phrase as a command each time you arrive at the potty area. Once you’re confident that your puppy has finished, offer praise or a treat as a reward. Always reward your pup immediately after he or she has eliminated; do not wait until the two of you are back inside.

Supervise Your Puppy While Indoors

Your puppy should have restricted access to your home during the housetraining process. Keep a close eye on your pup at all times when he or she isn’t in a crate. If you notice any signs that your puppy needs a bathroom break , take him or her outside immediately.

Use Crate Training

During the times when you cannot supervise your puppy, you can introduce humane confinement by using a dog crate or by blocking off a small area with baby gates. Be sure to take your pup out of confinement at regular intervals for elimination.