Why Your Pet Needs Dental Care

Dental Care Treatment for Pets by DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

Most people are aware that their dog needs regular care from a veterinarian near San Jose, but they might not know that this should include dental care . Pets are at risk for many of the same dental problems that humans experience. In fact, that risk is often higher, as most pets don’t receive regular dental care at home or at an animal care clinic.

Without regular dental care, your pet is at risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and infection. All of these problems can contribute to tooth loss if they aren’t quickly diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. As dental problems progress and become more painful, your dog may not eat as much or at all, which can lead to dehydration, malnutrition, and weight loss.

Without veterinary intervention, the infections caused by some dental problems can spread to other areas of your pet’s body. This may increase your pet’s risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, blood clots, or organ failure. Your veterinarian can perform regular dental exams to check for the signs of common dental problems. He can also give you advice on maintaining your pet’s dental care at home.

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