Signs Your Cat May Have Fleas

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Spotting fleas on your pet’s coat may be really easy at times. However, if you don’t know what to look for, or their coat is too fluffy to notice the insects, then read on for signs of fleas on your cat. Also, consult your vet near San Jose for the most effective ways of treating fleas.

Cat May Have Fleas

Aggressive Scratching

If you notice your cat has become very aggressive in his grooming, or he’s scratching and biting his coat, check his fur and skin for fleas. Flea bites make a dog or cat’s skin itch, so your cat is trying anything it can to relieve the sensation. Also, if he seems more interested in bathing and grooming himself than normal, he may be trying to find the source of his itchiness in hopes to eliminate it. If your cat grooms himself so much that you begin to see bald spots, most likely around the legs, neck, and tail, consider purchasing a flea shampoo or consult your vet for advice.


Whenever your cat is not behaving like himself, especially over a few days or longer, you should always check him for illness or think about any emotional stressors happening around him. If he’s particularly agitated or moody—growling, rubbing his head and body aggressively, etc.—the fleas might be causing him to go a little crazy. If he’s avoiding certain rooms or places in your home, especially if they’re carpeted, that’s probably where he picked up the fleas, and he’s fearful of entering that area again.

Lesions, Bumps, and Pale Gums

If your cat has oozing lesions or bumps, he might be allergic to fleas. Pale gums and fatigue are signs that your cat might have anemia from the flea bites. If you notice these, call your animal care clinic for treatment soon.

Brown Flecks and Black Insects

One of the easiest ways you can recognize fleas is if you see black insects crawling on your pet’s skin. Coupled with brown or reddish flecks, usually the fleas’ feces, and you can be pretty positive your cat has fleas.