A Step-by-Step Guide to Housebreaking Your Puppy

Housebreaking Your Puppy

When you bring your new pet home, you may want to cuddle and play with him all the time, and you should! However, your new companion will need to relieve himself eventually, and you can’t let this opportunity for dog training in San Jose go to waste. Here are a few steps to help with your dog training.

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Make It Routine

Creating a solid dog training routine for your pets is a healthy way for them to learn boundaries—such as when they are allowed to eat, and where they’re allowed to eliminate their bladder—and to help you predict when they’ll need to go outside. Making housebreaking a routine also applies to where your new puppy should eliminate outside. Instead of letting him roam free, guide him over to a spot you’ll designate as his area to eliminate. This helps establish boundaries so he knows that this is his bathroom.

Manage Your Puppy

During puppy training, keeping an eye on your puppy is going to give you clues for when he needs to go outside. If he starts sniffing around as if he’s looking for a place to eliminate, take him outside to the designated spot. This will further his association with eliminating and that specific spot. Also, you could consider crate training as another means of training. Your puppy or dog will learn to associate his crate with a safe “bedroom” of sorts, and he won’t eliminate in the crate. Consult your veterinarian on reliable resources for crate training.

Be Positive

When your puppy eliminates where you want him to, or he asks to go outside, give him praise. This is a huge accomplishment, and it will let your dog know that he’s doing what you want him to do. If you punish your puppy when he has an accident, especially if it’s a few minutes or hours-old accident, he won’t understand what he did wrong. If he does have an accident, clean it up with an odor-eliminating solution so your puppy won’t think that’s the new bathroom.