Is a Rabbit a Good Pet for You?

Bringing A Rabbit Into Your Home

If you are thinking of getting a new pet in San Jose for yourself or your family, you may be wondering if a dog or a cat makes more sense. These are common animal companions that can make a great addition to your family, but you should also consider bringing a rabbit into your home. Rabbits are small, quiet, clean, and make great pets.


Getting to Know Rabbits

Anyone who has owned a rabbit will agree that these critters each have a unique personality. Rabbits can be friendly, interactive, shy, affectionate, and rambunctious. Before choosing a rabbit to take home, spend some time with him to see if you are a good fit for each other because rabbits tend to bond closely with their owners, recognizing their voice and appearance and even coming when called.

Caring for Rabbits

If you are a person who wants to bring a pet into their home but also prefers or requires quiet, a pet rabbit is an excellent choice. For this reason, rabbits work great as pets for people who live in apartments or duplexes. A pet rabbit takes up little room and is an ideal fit for people who don’t have much space to spare. As long as they are given a couple of hours outside of their cage each day so they can stretch and hop around, rabbits won’t need a large enclosure. Rabbits are also clean pets that groom themselves frequently and can even be trained to use a litterbox.

Living with Rabbits

Besides learning to use a litterbox, rabbits can also be trained to run through obstacles and do a variety of tricks such as running through mazes, jumping through hoops, and retrieving objects. Indoor rabbits who are well cared for and brought to a pet hospital when necessary can live for 12 years or longer, just like a dog or cat, while other small mammals like gerbils and guinea pigs have shorter lifespans. Rabbits can make a great addition to your family and may be just the pet you need.