Keeping Ticks Off of Your Dog

Keeping Your Dog Inside Isn'T An Option

Ticks are an unpleasant problem for both you and your dog. The best way to avoid an extra trip to your animal hospital in San Jose because of a tick problem is to prevent the ticks from getting on your pet in the first place.

Dog ticks prevention & treatment in San Jose, CA


The easiest way to keep ticks off of your dog is to keep your dog inside. While this may work for some pets and their owners, most dogs love going outside for a romp in the grass or a run through the park. After letting your dog outside, keep an eye out for the blood-suckers once tick season begins in the spring. Check between your dog’s toes, inside his ears, between his legs, and around his neck for ticks that have already made their way deep into the fur or onto your dog’s skin.


If you’ve noticed ticks around your yard and keeping your dog inside isn’t an option, you may want to consider treating your property with a spray that will kill the ticks. Ask your veterinarian if they carry yard treatments for ticks and what precautions you need to take when applying it. If you are uncomfortable using these chemicals, consider calling a pest management company to treat your yard for these troublesome insects. Tick collars are a helpful preventative measure, but they are typically effective only for your dog’s head and neck. These collars need to be tight enough that they make contact with your dog’s skin. Cut off any extra length and follow the collar’s instructions carefully.


If you find that your dog already has a tick problem, contact your local pet hospital and find out how to proceed. Your veterinarian may recommend bathing your dog with medicated shampoo designed to kill ticks that are already on your dog, and to prevent them from biting him if used regularly. Another option your vet may suggest is a tick dip for your dog. Tick dips are concentrated chemicals that you dilute with water and then apply to your pet’s coat to eliminate any ticks.