Protect Your Pet from the Sun

Protect Your Pet From The Sun

Your veterinarian in Cupertino will tell you that, just like people, your pet can get cancer too. When your dog or cat’s skin receives too much sun exposure, it can get sunburned and possibly lead to skin cancer.

Most pets have plenty of hair on their bodies that protects their skin from the sun, but hairless breeds are particularly vulnerable to sunburn, and furrier pets can get skin cancer on their stomachs, noses, lips, eyelids, and ears. When they spend a lot of time outdoors, cats and dogs with light skin or short hair are also more susceptible to skin cancer.

To minimize your pet’s risk of getting sunburned or developing skin cancer, you should minimize her sun exposure. You can do this by keeping her indoors when the sun it at its strongest, usually between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, and consider dressing her in protective clothing if she enjoys sunbathing. If your dog or cat loves being in the sun, ask your pet hospital about veterinary-approved sunscreen to protect her skin.