Taking Care of a Senior Dog

Senior Dog In Healthy Condition

Your senior dog requires a little extra care as she ages, even if she still acts like a puppy. You should already be visiting the veterinarian regularly, but there are some other tips for taking care of senior pets in Cupertino. Here is a brief look at how you should keep your senior dog in healthy condition for many more years to come.

  • Make sure she is eating the right amount of food every day, as well as getting the nutrients her advanced age requires. Senior pets can gain and lose weight differently as they age, so make sure your dog is maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Keep her teeth and coat maintained regularly. Dogs need proper dental care, just like their human companions. Visit your pet vet often to receive dental checkups and cleanings. Keep your pet groomed regularly to avoid mats, skin infections, and other hazards that may affect a senior dog.
  • Take your dog out for regular exercise. Just because she may not move as quickly as she used to, this does not mean your dog should not go for walks. Regular exercise is great for dogs’ physical and mental health, no matter how old they are.