Teeth Tips: Dental Health for Pets

Pet Dental Care at DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

Your pets’ dental health is just as important as your own. As your veterinarian in Cupertino will tell you, you should maintain your pets’ dental health at home and in the vet’s office. Proper dental care can help prevent health problems, bad breath, and missing teeth in your pets. Ask your veterinarian for more dental tips, and continue reading below.


Create Daily Habits

Just as humans should brush their teeth at least twice a day, your pets need regular dental care. Brushing at least once a day, or using a veterinarian-approved dental care supplement, is very important to keeping your pets’ teeth and gums healthy. For dogs and cats, this daily habit may be difficult to achieve. However, with the help of your vet and daily perseverance, you can help your pets become accustomed to the habit. It is best to start good brushing habits from when your pets are puppies and kittens. This helps them accept, and sometimes even enjoy, the habit every day. Following brushing with treats can also encourage better behavior.

Schedule Dental Vet Checkups

Your pets should be seeing the vet every six to twelve months for checkups. These checkups will ensure they are not only healthy and updated on vaccinations, but also provide an opportunity to assess your pet’s teeth and gums. In addition to checkups, your vet will recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year. This cleaning, much like a human’s teeth cleaning, will clear away plaque, tartar, and cavities, though your pet may need to be sedated for the procedure. Maintaining regular dental cleanings will help prevent tooth loss and health issues in your pets.

Pay Attention to Your Pets’ Demeanor

When a pet becomes ill, many times the owner will not see until it is too late. This is not due to negligence or inattention; animals instinctually hide their pain and sickness. If your pets ever seem to act oddly, or they favor one side of their mouth when eating, you should get them to the pet hospital soon.