What Is Egg Binding Treatment?

Lovebirds treated at DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

Egg binding treatment is performed when female birds are unable to pass an egg. The potentially life-threatening problem is most common in small birds, including lovebirds and finches, but it can happen in any type of female. If you believe your bird could be suffering from egg binding, go to your emergency vet near San Jose as soon as possible for treatment.

The first thing the vet will try if your bird is suffering from egg binding is massaging the egg out. If it will fall out intact, this can be the best outcome. If the egg does not respond to binding, the vet may have to break the egg while it is inside the oviduct, and then remove the pieces. If the egg breaks on its own inside of your bird, it is essential to go to your pet hospital as soon as possible to so that the pieces can be removed. Failing to do so could lead to internal injuries and infections.

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