A Look at Our Internal Medicine Services

Internal Medicine Vets Do Not Typically Perform General Vet Services

In addition to meeting your pet’s basic medical needs, from wellness checkups to pet neutering in San Jose , De Anza Veterinary Clinic , we offer extensive internal medicine services to manage chronic diseases that could affect your pet’s health. Often, a general practitioner vet will refer a patient to an internal medicine specialist to diagnose or treat specific medical issues.

Internal medicine vets do not typically perform general vet services. For instance, they will not spay or neuter pets but instead focus on conditions within various specialties. Internal medicine vets practice in a number of different fields, including endocrinology, cardiology, oncology, and infectious diseases.

At De Anza Veterinary Clinic, we provide internal medicine services for our patients and accept referrals from other general vets in the San Jose whose patients require specialty care. Our internal medicine specialists can often diagnose conditions other vets have struggled to identify and can manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, so your pet can live a long and healthy life.

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