Teaching Your Cat to Be Comfortable with Strangers

Video On Teaching Your Cat To Be Comfortable With Strangers

If your cat is bold and outgoing with your family but completely on edge with strangers, you don’t have to ban visitors from the house. Just as you see your vet for vaccines and spay and neuter services in San Jose , you can talk to your vet about teaching your cat healthy behaviors. This video will also help.

Typically, a cat who is scared of strangers just needs to see visitors as commonplace. You can coax your cat to relax by rewarding him or her with a favorite treat when a visitor arrives, until he or she no longer runs away. Strangers shouldn’t try to force interactions with your cat, but should rather the cat dictate the relationship. Keep in mind that pets who are under the weather or recovering from a procedure, such as pet neutering or spaying, will be less open to interactions.