What to Expect at Your Puppy’s First Checkup

Perform A Thorough Physical Exam On Your New Puppy

After you bring a puppy home, one of the first things you will need to do is take him or her for a vet checkup. This important first appointment allows you to establish a relationship with your vet and set a baseline for your puppy’s health. It also gives your vet a chance to diagnose any existing medical conditions in your pet so you can begin treatment and discuss plans for things like microchipping, spaying and neutering, and flea medication in Cupertino . Here is a closer look at what you can expect at this important vet visit. puppy - checkup

Physical Exam

Your vet will perform a thorough physical exam on your new puppy, looking closely at your pet’s skin, coat, teeth, eyes, ears, and nose. He or she will also examine your pet’s genitalia, palpate the abdomen and lymph nodes, listen to the heart and lungs, and take your pet’s weight and temperature. During the physical exam, your vet will be looking for indications of deformities and diseases that could affect your puppy’s health in both the short and long term, from signs of fleas to hernias. Depending on what your vet finds during the physical exam, he or she may recommend additional blood work or imaging tests to make a diagnosis or prescribe flea medication or other treatments as needed.

Fecal Exam

You will likely be asked to bring a fecal sample to your puppy’s first appointment for an exam. During this exam, your vet will look for signs of worms. It’s extremely common for puppies to have roundworms, even if they have received initial deworming treatment from the shelter or breeder. If your vet does find worms, he or she will administer deworming medicine and schedule a follow-up exam.

Preventative Care Plan

During your first appointment, your vet will discuss a preventative care strategy for your puppy’s first year. You will need to return to the vet for a number of vaccines, as well as spaying or neutering. Your vet will also discuss preventative flea medication, your options for microchipping, and how to take care of your puppy’s dental health.