Advice for Keeping Your Hamster Clean

Tips for Keeping YOUR Hamster Clean

It’s easy to help hamsters stay clean. Your veterinarian serving San Jose can offer advice on how often you should clean your hamster’s cage and what type of bedding to use. You can also help your hamster bathe. It’s critically important to never bathe your hamster in water; this is unnatural for hamsters and can lead to health problems.

Instead, watch this video or consult your veterinarian for some tips on bathing hamsters. This video demonstrates how to use small animal bathing sand or children’s play sand to make a hamster bath. You can place the sand bath directly in your hamster’s cage and he or she will use it a few times per day. This video also demonstrates how to help hamsters gently massage sand into their backs if they do not readily roll around in the sand. If you have trouble doing this, you can consult your veterinarian.