How to Discourage Puppies from Chewing Your Stuff

Puppies Are More Interested In Chewing Than Others

When you bring a new puppy home, you’re probably ready for things like vet visits, spay or neuter operations, and potty training, but you may not be prepared for just how much your pup wants to chew your stuff! Although some puppies are more interested in chewing than others, they all are prone to grabbing a favorite pair of shoes and gnawing them to pieces. When you visit your vet to discuss pet spaying and neutering in San Jose , ask him or her for tips for dealing with destructive chewing. This advice will also help.

Because puppies explore the world with their mouths, it is not surprising that they do so much chewing. Supervision is critical when your dog is young. Don’t leave your puppy unattended with valuable things—the urge to chew is just too much to resist. If you see your puppy chewing something inappropriately, take it, say a command like “leave it,” and then replace it with something that is OK to chew, like a toy. Bitter apple spray tastes horrible to pups, so a few spritzes can also disrupt chewing. Consistency and patience are key as your new puppy adjust to the rules and grows of out his or her chewing behavior.

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