Spotlight on Fatty Liver Disease in Cats

Fatty Liver Disease in Cats Treated by DeAnza Veterinary Clinic

Also known as hepatic lipidosis, fatty liver can be fatal for cats if left untreated. For this reason, you should bring your pet to your veterinary clinic in San Jose immediately if she exhibits the symptoms of this condition, which can include decreased appetite or no appetite, weakness, lethargy, jaundice, vomiting, drooling, and dehydration. A cat with this condition may hide, exhibit weight loss or muscle wasting, and have constipation or small fecal sizes.

When a cat goes without food for a few days, this can cause a problem with fat filtration into the liver and lead to hepatic lipidosis. Fatty liver disease occurs more commonly in obese cats and can be caused by the introduction of a new diet or stressful situations like a new pet or baby in the home, moving to a new location, or having guests visit.

If your cat is diagnosed with fatty liver disease, she will probably require constant care for a few days. Some components of her treatment plan may include I.V. fluids, the placement of a temporary feeding tube, antibiotics, appetite stimulants, and anti-vomiting medication.

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