• Planning a Road Trip with Your Dog? Then Consider These Tips

    If you’re like many people whose family includes a dog in San Jose , then you love involving your pet in family activities and adventures. If you’re planning to bring your pup along on a road trip this summer, then keep the following tips in mind to help ensure a fun and safe trip for your pet:

    Schedule a Veterinary Appointment

    If it’s been some time since the last time your dog had a checkup, then scheduling an appointment before the trip is important. During this visit, you can get your canine caught up on vaccinations, and also have him vaccinated against any threats, such as Lyme disease, that may be an issue during your travels. Inform your vet about your plans so she can take this into consideration while evaluating your pet’s health.

    Factor in the Weather

    Checking the weather report for your destination is important for ensuring that you pack appropriate clothing, and the same goes for your dog. Consider what temperatures and weather you are likely to encounter on your road trip and then pack any necessary gear for your canine.

    Plan an Accommodating Route

    To help ensure your dog’s health and happiness over the course of the trip, it’s important to schedule your travel in a way that allows for frequent breaks. Leave plenty of time for stops and choose a route that offers places for your canine to stretch his legs and relieve himself. Plan to stop for 15 to 30 minutes about every 4 hours.

    Use a Dog Crate

    A road trip is a significant amount of time for your dog to spend in the car, so this type of event requires that you consider your pet’s safety. Experts recommend that you use a crash-tested and safety-certified crate, which is the safest means of travel by car for dogs. Additionally, a crate will provide your canine with a comfortable and familiar place to sleep when you stop at your accommodations.

  • Don’t Wait Until Your Pet Is Sick

    Just like with humans, regular checkups can help ensure the long-term health and happiness of your pet. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to wait until something is wrong with their pet to bring them to see a veterinarian near Cupertino. To help protect your pet’s health, you should take him to see his vet once or twice per year for a pet wellness exam .

    When you bring your pet in for a wellness checkup, you can ask any questions that you have about your pet’s care and health. Also, your pet’s veterinarian will examine him and may provide parasite prevention, dental care, allergy treatment, or flea control services that can help prevent a range of health conditions. Prevention is important when it comes to protecting your pet’s health long-term, and one of the best ways to practice prevention is to bring your pet in before he is unwell. If it’s been more than a year since your pet’s last wellness exam, then consider scheduling an appointment today.

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  • Handling Your New Pet Rabbit

    Rabbits are fun and interactive and make great pets. Along with scheduling regular visits to a veterinarian in San Jose, knowing how to handle your new rabbit is an important part of caring for your pet . Watch this video for tips on handling your pet rabbit.