Keeping Your Cat at a Healthy Weight

Medical Conditions In Cats

Just as with people, being overweight or obese can lead to medical conditions in cats. For this reason, your veterinarian in San Jose will tell you that keeping your feline at a healthy weight can be critical for her health . Luckily, there is plenty that you can do to help manage your pet’s weight.

The first step in helping your cat stay at a healthy weight is to feed her a quality diet that is designed for felines, which should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Also, free feeding is a common contributor to feline obesity. Instead of keeping your pet’s food bowl full throughout the day, feed her only as much as advised by her veterinarian. Exercise is another important component for managing your cat’s weight, so leave plenty of time for play every day.

Finally, bringing your cat to her veterinarian for annual checkups is another way to help monitor her weight, as well as catch the early signs of any health issues that she may have. Your pet’s veterinarian can inform you if your pet is overweight and provide you with recommendations to help your cat shed any excess pounds.

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