How to Welcome Your New Hamster Home

Hamsters Are Fun, Quiet, Easy To Care

Hamsters are fun, quiet, easy to care for, and can make great pets. If you’re thinking about adding a hamster to your family, then keep reading to learn some of the advice that your veterinarian in San Jose would provide when welcoming your new pet home . new - hamster

Set Up Her Living Environment

To prepare your home for a new hamster, begin by setting up her cage with the appropriate materials and accessories. It’s ideal to use the same food, bedding, and nesting materials that she is accustomed to, as this will make the transition easier and less stressful for your new pet. If you want to use different products, then introduce them slowly. Finally, use paper products for your hamster’s bedding and avoid pine and cedar options because these can present health problems.

Give Your Hamster Time to Adjust

Once your hamster’s cage is set up and you’re ready to bring her home, keep in mind that she will probably feel stressed by the changes in her environment, such as new sounds, unfamiliar smells, and separation from her littermates. For this reason, you shouldn’t be in a rush to handle your hamster. Although you must provide her with fresh food and water every day, you should avoid picking up or petting your hamster for a few days. Also, discourage your family members or friends from handling her during this adjustment period. Finally, you can cover her cage with a light cloth to give your new pet more privacy and fewer distractions as she acclimates to her new home.

Introduce New Pet Hamsters Slowly

If you’re bringing home a dwarf hamster to be a companion for another dwarf hamster, then do not introduce them to one another right away. This is important because you should quarantine your new hamster for about 2 weeks to be sure that she isn’t sick. Finally, placing your hamsters in neighboring cages can give them time to get used to one another, which can lead to a smoother face-to-face introduction.

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