Top Ways to Keep Your Canine Healthy This Summer

Prevent Flea And Tick Bites.

For dogs, summer isn’t all fun and games. Fleas and ticks abound, fireworks can be scary, and dehydration and overheating can happen quickly under a hot sun. Knowing which health risks your dog faces during the summer months is half the battle. A vet near you in San Jose can help you keep your canine companion happy and healthy all year-round. dog - glasses

Prevent flea and tick bites.

Although fleas and ticks are often thought of as summertime nuisances, flea and tick control is important every month of the year. Your vet can recommend safe and effective products for your dog. If you already have an infestation, it’ll take a little more work to protect your pet. You’ll need to vacuum and clean, and spray products all around your home—and you’ll have to treat your yard, too. It’s easier and far less time-intensive to give your pet the preventive products he or she needs all year-round.

Soothe your dog during fireworks displays.

Even if your pup is brave during thunderstorms, fireworks displays are likely a different story. The noise is unnatural to a dog’s sensitive ears, and running away is a natural response . If you plan to attend a fireworks show, leave your faithful friend at home. Try to find out in advance if there will be fireworks anywhere near your home that your dog could hear. If so, perhaps you could take him or her to a friend’s house or a boarding kennel. Otherwise, let your dog stay in a travel kennel at home and provide lots of reassurance during the show. Keep a leash on your pup when it’s time for a trip out to the yard, as the noises can cause him or her to run away.

Keep your canine hydrated.

Dehydration and overheating are serious risks for dogs in the summer, as they can only sweat in limited amounts through their paws. This isn’t enough to keep them cool. Protect your furry friend with the following essential steps:

  • Never leave your dog alone in a vehicle, not even for a few minutes.
  • Provide 24/7 access to clean, cool water.
  • Don’t leave your dog outside for a long time.
  • Take walks during the morning or evening.
  • Keep your dog off of hot roadways and/or use dog booties.
  • Schedule a visit with the groomer.

On very hot days, designate one room in your home as a cool-off zone. Run the air conditioner or let your pup chill out in front of a fan.