Ways to Promote a Long and Healthy Life for Your Cat

Bring Your Cat In For Routine Wellness Checks And Shots

Ways to Promote a Long and Healthy Life for Your Cat

Tips for a long life for your kitten in San Jose

Your furry feline is a faithful friend who gives you unconditional love. Return the favor by keeping your kitty as healthy as possible. A long, healthy life for your cat starts with routine veterinary care. Find an experienced veterinarian in Cupertino, and bring your cat in for routine wellness checks and shots. Your veterinarian can give you lots of helpful tips on health matters, such as nutrition and dental care.

Healthy Weight

Indoor cats tend to live longer, as they aren’t at risk of being attacked by predatory animals, and they may be less likely to pick up infections. However, indoor cats do tend to develop one major health problem: Excessive weight. Ask your veterinarian how much your cat should ideally weigh, based on the breed. If your cat is overweight, know that this increases the risk of diabetes, arthritis, and a shorter lifespan. Use the following tips to help your kitty slim down:

  • Switch to a lower-calorie food that your veterinarian recommends
  • Limit treats
  • Make your cat work for treats with “food puzzle” toys
  • Encourage your cat to play

Dental Care

Dental hygiene isn’t just for humans. Your cat needs regular dental care to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth loss. Ask your veterinarian to do a dental check at each wellness exam, and ask for a demonstration of how to brush your cat’s teeth at home. Pet stores often sell specially made dental hygiene products for pets. You can also feed your kitty dental treats. Your veterinarian might recommend a clinical cleaning periodically.

Safe Housing

Your cat needs a safe place to roam around. Fortunately, the process of cat-proofing isn’t nearly as labor-intensive as babyproofing. If you open your windows, make sure your cat can’t fall through the screen. Avoid keeping plants that are toxic to cats , such as aloe, African violet, lilies, orchids, and English ivy. Some cats enjoy jumping up on countertops and tables. If your companion shows this tendency, make sure these surfaces are clear of anything that could be toxic to your kitty, such as onions, garlic, grapes, chocolate, and coffee. Until you become more familiar with items that are toxic to cats, consider posting a list on your fridge door to remind yourself.