What Not to Feed Your Pet Bird

Bird vet in San Jose

What Not to Feed Your Pet Bird

Foods Toxic To Pet Birds

Your veterinarian in San Jose can help you design a diet that’s appropriate for your pet bird . Specially formulated bird pellets will give your bird a nutritionally complete diet, but you can also give your bird smaller amounts of food from your own kitchen. Certain foods should be avoided at all costs, as they can seriously harm birds. These include chocolate, which can result in seizures and death. Apples are a good snack for birds, but do make sure you wash the fruit and remove the core before feeding it to your bird.

Keep mushrooms out of your bird’s reach. Some types can cause digestive problems in birds, and some may even cause liver failure. Companion birds can safely eat beans, but only when they are thoroughly cooked. Never allow your bird access to raw or dry beans. Similarly, your veterinarian will warn you against giving your bird any onion products, caffeinated beverages, tomato leaves, or salty foods. Avoid leaving alcoholic beverages unattended if your bird is roaming around your home.

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