• Your Puppy’s First Night at Home

    If you are preparing for puppy training near Cupertino, you may be wondering how to make your puppy’s first night home an easy transition for both him and your family. Watch this video for some tips on making your pet’s first night at home a good one.

    Your new puppy’s first night should be a positive experience, and you can help keep him happy by making crate training an easy transition. Bring the crate into your room for at least the first few nights so your pet will feel more comfortable by being near you and you can let him out if necessary. If your puppy is continuously whining and crying, try giving him a toy or treats to distract him and help to create a positive association with the crate.

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Housebreaking Your Puppy

    When you bring your new pet home, you may want to cuddle and play with him all the time, and you should! However, your new companion will need to relieve himself eventually, and you can’t let this opportunity for dog training in San Jose go to waste. Here are a few steps to help with your dog training.

    dog training

    Make It Routine

    Creating a solid dog training routine for your pets is a healthy way for them to learn boundaries—such as when they are allowed to eat, and where they’re allowed to eliminate their bladder—and to help you predict when they’ll need to go outside. Making housebreaking a routine also applies to where your new puppy should eliminate outside. Instead of letting him roam free, guide him over to a spot you’ll designate as his area to eliminate. This helps establish boundaries so he knows that this is his bathroom.

    Manage Your Puppy

    During puppy training, keeping an eye on your puppy is going to give you clues for when he needs to go outside. If he starts sniffing around as if he’s looking for a place to eliminate, take him outside to the designated spot. This will further his association with eliminating and that specific spot. Also, you could consider crate training as another means of training. Your puppy or dog will learn to associate his crate with a safe “bedroom” of sorts, and he won’t eliminate in the crate. Consult your veterinarian on reliable resources for crate training.

    Be Positive

    When your puppy eliminates where you want him to, or he asks to go outside, give him praise. This is a huge accomplishment, and it will let your dog know that he’s doing what you want him to do. If you punish your puppy when he has an accident, especially if it’s a few minutes or hours-old accident, he won’t understand what he did wrong. If he does have an accident, clean it up with an odor-eliminating solution so your puppy won’t think that’s the new bathroom.

  • Tips for Housetraining Your Puppy

    puppy training, house training puppy, san jose puppy training If you have recently purchased or adopted a puppy near San Jose, you have likely already researched your options for housetraining . As you probably know, dog training requires much more than a few stacks of old newspapers. It calls for commitment, consistently, and patience. Remember, every puppy will have accidents in the house as they learn. Read on for tips on how to train your new pet.

    Establish a Routine

    In general, a puppy can control his bladder for about an hour for each month of age. But it is a good idea to take any new dog outside at least every two hours until a routine has been established. Always take your puppy out immediately after eating or drinking. You should pick a particular spot outside and always go to the same spot. When your dog is eliminating, always use the same phrase. That way, your puppy will eventually walk to the same spot on his own and will go to the bathroom when prompted by your words. You should also make sure to always feed your dog at the same time of day every day and use only veterinarian-recommended food.

    Remember to Reward

    Rewards are important when it comes to house training. Always praise your puppy or give her a treat—but remember to dole out rewards right after she is finished eliminating. If you wait until she is already back inside the house, she will not realize why she is being treated and will not properly learn the behavior. If you reward her too soon, she may forget to finish. Puppies are easily distracted, so it is essential to stay on point and remember the task at hand.

    Supervise when Possible

    During the housetraining process, your yard should be treated just like a room in the house. That means that your puppy should have some freedom but only in increments and only after she can be left alone. If you are not actively training your dog, keep her tethered to you or a nearby piece of furniture even when she is in the house. Watch for signs that she needs to use the bathroom, and then immediately grab the leash and take her to the bathroom spot outside.

  • Getting Supplies for Your Puppy

    Whether you decide to do so well in advance or at the time you acquire your dog, it is important to purchase plenty of pet supplies in San Jose for your puppy. These pet supplies will help with the puppy training process and will make your new pal feel comfortable and entertained. Watch this video for tips on getting supplies for your puppy.

    While all dogs are different, it is always wise to start your supply hunt by looking for a confinement area. This area should be spacious enough for your puppy to have room to roam around and stretch out. You can also purchase a crate in addition to this confinement area so that your dog has a “bedroom” of his or her own. Be sure to offer your dog plenty of chew toys to play with in order to promote healthy teeth and gum development. You will also need food and water dishes.

  • Perfecting Your Puppy’s Potty Training [INFOGRAPHIC]

    While getting a puppy is a joyous occasion, most people do not get excited about potty training. Although potty training your puppy requires a lot of time and patience, if you stay consistent with your approach, you will succeed in putting a stop to accidents and getting your pet to eliminate outside. Start by making sure you have the right pet supplies. You will need a crate that your puppy can rest in when he or she can’t be under your constant supervision. You will also need something to clean up after indoor accidents to mask the pheromones. You can learn more about potty training your puppy in this infographic from De Anza Veterinary Clinic . Our veterinarians in San Jose are always available to answer your questions about training your pets. Help others clear this major hurdle when a new puppy joins the family by sharing this information.

    Puppy Potty Training San Jose

  • Choosing Your First Puppy

    Have you decided to share your house with a new puppy? Before you adopt or buy a dog, make sure you consider your lifestyle and expectations so you can pick the perfect puppy for you.

    New dog owners can avoid problems down the road by researching different breeds ahead of time. As one dog trainer notes, some pet owners mistake their dog’s high energy or restlessness for behavioral problems. But some dogs are innately energetic and need much more regular exercise. You should also consider each breed’s grooming and training needs and be sure to chat with your veterinarian about any potential health problems that put some breeds at higher risk. Never pick a dog on impulse or just with your heart- choose a size and shape of puppy that fits your home, energy level, and lifestyle.