We love Dr. Bates 🙂

We have been bringing our bearded dragon pet lizards to him for 5 years. After receiving our lizards from the pet store (Einstein & Scooby), we brought them into Dr. Bates for treatment for parasites, which is common. Dr. Bates discussed a list of necessary items required for lizards – and made several recommendations for their health, which we followed. We went back later when Einstein developed a limp – turns out he had a calcium deficiency, which has since been corrected. There have been several other visits over the years, during which Dr. Bates has always been very professional & extremely informative. Dr. Bates’ knowledge & enthusiasm for our extended family is great & his staff make visiting the Dr. an enjoyable experience. They even call to check on our dinosaurs after treatment 🙂

If you have lizard(s), I suggest all the diagnostic tests recommended by Dr. Bates. They aren’t cheap (a few hundred dollars), but the difference in behavior after treatment is remarkable. Our female lizard was lethargic and hardly moving prior to our last visit – and now she thinks she is a race car and runs around everywhere!!

Viv C.
San Francisco, CA

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