Pet Wellness Care

San Jose Small Animal Veterinarian

Many people will only bring their pets to the vet when they believe something is wrong. However, many harmful diseases and problems can be prevented if a pet regularly sees a San Jose veterinarian. Routine checkups allow our staff to diagnose, treat, and protect pets from contracting serious illnesses and sometimes fatal diseases. We provide many different types of pet wellness care services, including:

By routinely brushing your pet’s teeth, you are preventing your pet from attaining periodontal disease, which, if left untreated, can lead to systemic infection and valvular heart disease. De Anza Veterinary Clinic can also educate pet owners about parasites and can help owners select the correct flea/tick product based on their pet’s risk factors and health status. Pets who partake in early disease detection/wellness programs may live healthier, happier lives. We can also help pets suffering from allergies by testing and diagnosing their allergies. Once we determine their source of allergies, we can recommend various types of treatments.

Contact Our Animal Vet as Soon as Possible

To ensure that your pet is happy and healthy, please bring them to De Anza Veterinary Clinic. Our small animal vets have more than three decades of combined experience and are passionate about helping pets live their lives to the fullest. You may schedule an appointment by calling (408) 996-1411.