Spay and Neuter Services in San Jose and Cupertino, CA

Spaying or neutering has many benefits for you, your pet, and the community. Not only do’s fixed pets live happier, healthier, longer lives than those that are not, ensuring your pets have undergone this procedure also helps reduce the homeless pet population. When done by professional veterinarians like those at De Anza Veterinary Clinic, this surgery is extremely safe and can save you from headaches in the future.

There are many reasons to have your pet spayed or neutered:

Spaying/Neutering Makes Your Pets Healthier

When your pet is spayed or neutered, they reduce their risk of developing different diseases and cancers. In female pets, spaying has been shown to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and breast tumors at a rate of 50% for dogs and 90% for cats. Pets spayed before their first heat are more likely to see these reduced rates. Males who are neutered have also shown to be at lower risks for testicular cancer and prostate disease. By having your pet fixed, you also completely eliminate the risk of pregnancy and birth complications for your pet.

Spaying/Neutering Reduces Behavioral Issues

Although neutering or spaying your pet is not a quick fixed for behavioral problems, it’s true that these surgeries help your pet display better manners. Pets that are not neutered or spayed have much higher levels of testosterone, which contribute to their mating drive. While this is beneficial to wild animals, it can increase territorial behavior and aggression in domestic pets.

Males who have not been neutered are more likely to run away from home in search of a mate, which can result in them being hurt by a car, a person, or another animal. Since they have an increased drive to mark their territory, they are also likely to urinate around the house. Dogs, especially, are more likely to attempt mounting other animals, people, and objects.

Female pets who have not been spayed will go through heat cycles. In dogs, this can mean bleeding from the vulva to the degree that you will find spots of blood around the house. For cats, this change is most noticeable in their loud yowling and generally bizarre behavior.

Spaying/Neutering Saves You Money

Although spaying and neutering have an upfront cost, it is one of the most affordable surgeries an animal can have. It’s certainly much cheaper than raising an unexpected litter of animals or funding the medications and surgeries required by prostate cancer. You will also save money since you won’t need to replace the couch your territorial cat urinated on or the wood table your frustrated dog destroyed.

San Jose Small Animal Veterinarian

Regardless of whether your pet is a purebred or a mixture of many different types of breeds, they should be spayed or neutered. Pet spaying or pet neutering can be done when they are as early as eight weeks old, but even if you adopt an older pet, it is never too late to have them spayed/neutered.

To schedule an appointment for your pet to be spayed or neutered, please call our San Jose veterinarian at (408) 996-1411 for our vet neutering or spay services.